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I am a medical doctor with an interest in complex chronic conditions, health coaching and preventative medicine. I proudly hail from a family of medics and allied health professionals however I only truly appreciated the immense role of nutrition and lifestyle factors about 20 years ago and it’s made a world of difference to my atopic family. Our family's enthusiasm for education, research and lateral thinking gave me the insight that health is a journey and we need to be continually learning. I'm constantly enthralled with finding out information I didn't know I didn't know and I encourage my patients to come with me on this incredible journey.

We are coming into the age of personalised medicine. I try to stay away from the politics of dogma. What works for you? How do YOU feel? More than anything, I encourage a reconnection with your food, mind and emotions.

Education. Prior to my medical degree (MBBS) from Bond University in Queensland Australia, I completed an undergraduate degree in International Relations with a triple major including French and diplomacy. I have certificates in remedial therapies including herbs, nutrition and acupressure. Post-med, I have completed an Aeromedical Evacuation Course, Helicopter Underwater Escape Training, a Certificate in Medical Nutrition Management an Advanced Certificate in Skin Cancer Medicine. 




Dr Olivia Lessalr

Fees from 1 July 2022- AUD$650/h. You are responsible for taking your own notes during your consults with me, as it is with all doctors. Excess admin charges are discretionary. You do not need a referral but you do need to have a GP as I DO NOT take on that role. I DO NOT see patients on a rolling ongoing basis.


I see patients of Prof Pete Smith and Prof Charlie Teo as part of their commitment to treating the patient as a whole. Please make an appointment through Cingulum Health.

Unless you are a current CONCIERGE patient, I do not write referrals to medical specialists or prescribe medications.

My Australia concierge books are full, however LifeSpan Medicine LA still takes patients as we have a full team there -

Unless you are a current concierge patient, any blood or imaging form through me have NO MEDICARE REBATE.

UK patients: I am am able to give you a form to get private bloods done in London.

DNA SNP analyses: Please get your DNA done through - basic or comprehensive are both ok. Then make an appointment with me through Cingulum Health.

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