UPDATE July 2020 - My fees and practice model for 2020-2021 have changed. Practice is now 50% concierge/ executive health, 50% chronic complex conditions. $450/h for the initial 2 hours of consults, follow up consults: $350/h. If you are suffering financial stress because of your complex chronic condition, please contact me below to work something out. DNA SNP analyses $2000 - BYO DNA raw data from which includes 3 x 50 min sessions.


I practice all aspects of medicine, with an interest in bio-hacking and individualised medicine. That said, because of time constraints and the depth to which I delve with my patients, I cannot practice as your primary care physician/ act in the role of GP. I will consult to you on the premise that you have a GP who is happy to collaborate.

My interests include: 1) pregnancy, baby and early childhood optimisation, 2) atopy: asthma/ hayfever/ eczema, histamine intolerance, MCAS 3) gut, skin, vaginal microbiome 4) cancer 5) neurodegenerative diseases 6) complex chronic conditions like CFS/ME and CIRS 7) diet experimentation 8) patients who have lost hope and are tired of adding yet more medications to control symptoms and who would like to explore treating the cause.  


I will listen to you and try my best to appreciate your health journey and help get you where you want to be. A good therapeutic relationship involves sharing hopes and fears, being realistic and defining and managing expectations.

Generally speaking there are no magic pills and quick fixes. What effects real change is mindset, lifestyle and diet modification, judicious use of supplements and medication, and being kind to yourself. Take ownership and understand YOUR health, your body and the pressures you are subjected to.


I approach health from a realistic, whole-body perspective where the patient is a partner in their journey, with as much help and guidance from me as you are comfortable with. My assessments are rigorous, research-dense and fully referenced. 

Current career appointments

- Medical Director at Healthy Ambition. Exclusive health and fitness coaching with celebrity personal trainer and life coach Scott Laidler.

- Resident Medical Consultant at CFS Health. All CFS patients wanting to work with me are encouraged to join and attend my workshops as part of the program.

- Concierge Medical Consultant at Lifespan Medicine, Santa Monica, Los Angeles



IVs and hyperthermia therapy billed directly by GC Hyperthermia, I do not take commission. 
DNA SNP analysis and fully-referenced report: $1000. I just need your raw data (.txt) file from

I always accept communication from other doctors and health professionals, and welcome a chance to help with your complex case. There is no fee for this as collegiate networking and information-sharing is very important to me, all I ask is for acknowledgement.

If you have a project you would like to collaborate on, would like to enquire more about my services or discuss speaking/ writing engagements please contact me via this page. 

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