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Health guidance with heart and an open mind.


I will listen to you and try my best to appreciate your health journey and help get you where you want to be. A good therapeutic relationship involves sharing hopes and fears, being realistic and defining and managing expectations.

Generally speaking there are no magic pills and quick fixes. What effects real change is mindset, lifestyle and diet modification, judicious use of supplements and medication, and being kind to yourself. Take ownership and understand YOUR health, your body and the pressures you are subjected to.

I practice all aspects of Functional Medicine, from pregnancy, asthma/ hay fever/ eczema, skin and gut mirobime health to cancer and neurodegenerative diseases. I approach health from a realistic, whole body perspective where the patient is in control and responsible, with as much help and guidance from me as you are comfortable with. My assessments are rigorous, research-dense and fully referenced. 

I work with internationally acclaimed neurologist Dr Jay Lombard as part of the Neuroimmunology Associates of New York and am the Medical Director and General Manager at Healthy Ambition, and do exclusive health and fitness coaching with celebrity personal trainer and life coach Scott Laidler. I practice functional medicine via Skype and WhatsApp.



Please contact me for Skype or WhatsApp appointments. Fees vary and can be discussed via email. As an idea, assessments usually start at about USD$500 which includes very comprehensive onboarding and an hour Skype session followed by a monthly retainer of USD$100 for a minimum of 6 months which includes unlimited emails and a monthly 30min Skype call. A DNA SNP assessment is USD$100 and is optional.

References from other doctors or patients available on request.

If you would like to collaborate, enquire more about my services or discuss speaking/ writing engagements, then please use the contact form at www.6slides.com