I’m Olivia, a medical doctor with an interest in health coaching and preventative medicine. I proudly hail from a family of medics and allied health professionals however I only truly appreciated the incredible role of nutrition and lifestyle factors about 15 years ago and it’s made a world of difference to my atopic family. Our family's enthusiasm for education, research and lateral thinking gave me the insight that health is a journey and we need to be continually learning. I'm constantly enthralled with finding out information I didn't know I didn't know and I encourage my patients to come with me on this incredible journey.

I try to approach all patients with shoshin - a word from Zen Buddhism meaning "beginner's mind." It refers to having an attitude of openness, eagerness, and lack of preconceptions. Compassion is the bedrock of my practice and judgement has no place in my professional relationship with my patients.

We are coming into the age of personalised medicine. There is no one diet to rule them all and I stay away from the politics of it. Vegan vs ovolacto vs paleo vs keto vs carnivore. What works for you? How do YOU feel? More than anything, I encourage a reconnection with your food, mind and emotions.

Education. Prior to my medical degree (MBBS) at Bond University in Queensland Australia, I completed an undergraduate degree in International Relations with a triple major including French and diplomacy. I have certificates in remedial therapies including herbs, nutrition and acupressure. Post-med, I have completed an Aeromedical Evacuation Course, Helicopter Underwater Escape Training and an Advanced Certificate in Skin Cancer Medicine.



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