I am a medical doctor with an interest in health coaching and preventative medicine. I proudly hail from a family of medics and allied health professionals however I only truly appreciated the immense role of nutrition and lifestyle factors about 15 years ago and it’s made a world of difference to my atopic family. Our family's enthusiasm for education, research and lateral thinking gave me the insight that health is a journey and we need to be continually learning. I'm constantly enthralled with finding out information I didn't know I didn't know and I encourage my patients to come with me on this incredible journey.

We are coming into the age of personalised medicine. I try to stay away from the politics of dogma. What works for you? How do YOU feel? More than anything, I encourage a reconnection with your food, mind and emotions.

Education. Prior to my medical degree (MBBS) from Bond University in Queensland Australia, I completed an undergraduate degree in International Relations with a triple major including French and diplomacy. I have certificates in remedial therapies including herbs, nutrition and acupressure. Post-med, I have completed an Aeromedical Evacuation Course, Helicopter Underwater Escape Training, a Certificate in Medical Nutrition Management an Advanced Certificate in Skin Cancer Medicine.




Dr Olivia Lessalr

Fees from 1 June 2022- AUD$650/h. You are responsible for taking your own notes during your consults with me, as it is with all doctors. Excess admin charges are discretionary. You do not need a referral but you do need to have a GP as I DO NOT take on that role.


I see patients of Prof Pete Smith and Prof Charlie Teo, from their respective clinics (Queensland Allergy Southport Qld and Cingulum Health Rosebery NSW) as part of their commitment to treating the patient as a whole. Please speak to the respective professors for a referral to be fast-tracked.

Unless you are a current concierge patient, I do not write referrals or prescribe medications.

Any blood forms through me have NO MEDICARE REBATE except for basic bloods, which I would prefer you see your GP for anyway.

I am also able to give you a form to get private bloods done in London.

DNA SNP analyses: Please get your DNA done through sequencing.com - basic or comprehensive are both ok. Then make an appointment with me through Cingulum Health.