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Dr Olivia Ly Lesslar is Australian-educated and has a Bachelor of International Relations with a triple major including French and Diplomacy, and a Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery. She finished her hospital residency in 2016 and has completed postgraduate studies in skin cancer medicine and clinical nutrition management. She is currently undertaking a Diploma in Clinical Hypnosis and Strategic Psychotherapy. Her medical registration is in Australia.


Dr Olivia has interest and expertise in preventative medicine, psychoneuroimmunology, biohacking, and complex conditions like neurodegeneration, cancer, allergies, and the emerging pentad of MCAS - Dysautonomia - Hypermobility - GI dysmotility - Autoimmunity. Her unique skill set is in problem-solving multisystem, chronic conditions. 


She works with innovative, high-profile international clinics, including the preeminent Los Angeles celebrity concierge company LifeSpan Medicine, and Cingulum Health - a brain optimisation clinic in Sydney founded by renowned neurosurgeon Professor Charles Teo - where she curates personalized programs of synergistic adjuncts for neuroplasticity including transcranial magnetic stimulation TMS, hyperbaric oxygen HBOT, photobiomodulation PBM, breathwork, judicious use of supplements and medications, and nootropics including peptides. She is interested in metabolism in neurodegeneration and in cancer, and where appropriate will consider dietary interventions such as the ketogenic diet, the Autoimmune Protocol AIP, Bredesen's Keto Flex 12/3, The Wahl's Protocol, low carb, and the carnivore diet. 

Dr Olivia works closely with Australian allergist Professor Pete Smith on complex allergy issues, including atopy - asthma, hayfever and eczema. She is an Adjunct Senior Lecturer with Griffith University’s National Centre for Neuroimmunology and Emerging Diseases, a world-class research facility focusing on mechanisms of ME/CFS and long covid. She is the Chief Medical Officer of Atlus - a plant medicine company headquartered in Australia, and she is the Resident Medical Consultant of CFS Health - an online ME/CFS recovery program. Dr Olivia is affiliated with the UK’s premier longevity and functional medicine clinic Wellgevity where she works collaboratively with Dr Tamsin Lewis, and currently spends about four months a year in Europe. 


She is a regular speaker on podcasts and at conferences, and in July 2023 spoke at the Inaugural Smart Ageing Summit at Oxford University. In November 2022, she took to the TEDx Melbourne stage. In 2021, Dr Olivia was featured in NYC Journal 50 under 50 for being an industry disruptor and leader in the field of integrative medicine.


Dr Olivia is a Trustee of the British College for Functional Medicine where she is the Research and Industry Lead. She was recently appointed the Chief Medical Officer of Atlus, and Chief Operating Officer and Clinical Director of LMC (London Metabolic Clinic)

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Having attended numerous speaking engagements throughout my career, I can confidently say that Dr. Olivia's presentation was nothing short of exceptional. Her magnetic presence on stage coupled with her profound knowledge of all things health left me in awe. Her ability to articulate complex concepts in a relatable manner is a testament to her profound communication skills. I highly recommend Dr. Olivia as a speaker for any event where her expertise can inspire and empower individuals to reach their full potential.

Marcus Bell, Producer Los Angeles

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