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Terms & Conditions & Fees

Dr. Olivia Lesslar is a fully registered medical practitioner in Australia. She is a professional expert who prepares non-conventional information documents for you to take to your medical doctor about your case, she is not your direct treating doctor. She has an interest across all aspects of medicine, particularly in complex conditions of mind-body, "mystery illnesses", prevention, and "biohacking". She is not averse to recommending short therapeutic runs of medications and supplements, but focuses on whole food, removing triggers, flooding the body with safety signals, and treating the underlying cause.

Dr. Lesslar WILL NOT practise as your primary care physician/GP. She will conduct an ONLINE consultation with you on the premise that you have a GP and/or treating health practitioner.  She DOES NOT see patients on a rolling ongoing basis.  Dr. Lesslar’s recommendations are made directly to your treating health practitioner(s). It is your treating health practitioner who selects and authorises the administration of the specific recommendations.

Dr. Lesslar remains available for REMOTE consultation and discussion with your health practitioner about any aspect of her recommendations. If you do not have an Integrative Medicine doctor as your primary care doctor, Dr. Lesslar recommends that you find one. Depending on your location, you can find a practitioner through, or

FEES: AUD$750/hour + GST as this is not a service where an Australian Medicare benefit or ANY insurance benefit could be applied. 

NOTE(S): An online meeting or telephone conversation is not sufficient to establish the patient-doctor relationship between you and Dr. Lesslar. Therefore, because you are not her patient, Dr. Lesslar cannot make specific recommendations directly to you in the course of the initial online meeting or thereafter. Consequently, you must have no expectation of direct medical treatment by Dr. Lesslar, or medical recommendations directly to you from her.  You do not need a referral for a consultation but you MUST to be under the care of a registered medical practitioner who is treating you as per local medical guidelines, as Dr. Lesslar does not take on that role.

You are responsible for taking your own notes during your consults with Dr. Lesslar, as it is with all doctors. Excess admin charges are discretionary.

Only CONCIERGE patients may have Medicare Benefits applied to basic bloods or X-Rays done through Dr. Lesslar. Unless you are a current CONCIERGE patient, Dr. Olivia Lesslar DOES NOT write referrals to medical specialists or prescribe medications and/or tests.



Dr Olivia Lesslar sees patients of Prof Pete Smith and Prof Charlie Teo online as part of their commitment to treating the patient as a whole. For all consultations, please contact admin: For anything BRAIN/ NEUROLOGICAL-related, you can make an appointment through Cingulum Health.


Dr. Lesslar provides concierge services for patients in the USA in affiliation with Everest Health Clinic in Washington, D.C. She does not take on the role of your primary care physician, but exercises an advisory role to the trusted Everest Team. To inquire about concierge services, please contact Dr. Lesslar's administrative staff at:

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