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My Practice & Fees

I practice all aspects of medicine, with an interest in complex conditions, mystery illnesses, prevention, bio-hacking and individualised medicine. I am not averse to short therapeutic runs of medications and supplements, but I focus on whole food, removing triggers and treating the underlying cause.

Because of time constraints and the depth to which I delve with my patients, I WILL NOT practice as your primary care physician/ GP. I will consult to you on the premise that you have a GP.  I DO NOT see patients on a rolling ongoing basis.

Fees: AUD$650/hour.


Notes: You are responsible for taking your own notes during your consults with Dr. Olivia Lesslar, as it is with all doctors. Excess admin charges are discretionary.


Referrals: You do not need a referral but you do need to have a GP as Dr. Olivia Lesslar does not take on that role and does NOT see patients on a rolling ongoing basis.

Concierge: Please contact us to enquire about this service. Medical concierge is ONLY available to residents living in London UK, and: Sydney NSW, Byron & Surrounds NSW, Gold Coast & Surrounds Qld, and Brisbane & Surrounds Qld Australia. This is a 24/7 service. You will have a dedicated care coordinator, reasonable access to Dr Olivia, 2 x comprehensive blood tests yearly, a yearly full body MRI for cancer screening and low-dose screening CT scan of the lungs. You are guaranteed specialist opinion worldwide within 72hours*, from her integrative medicine network which includes a dentist, genetics expert, gastroenterologist, psychiatrist, psychologist, oncologist, cardiologist, ENT specialist, orthopaedic surgeon, radiologist, allergist, neurologist, chemist/pharmacist (including express delivery of drugs and supplements), and physiotherapist. You will have priority face to face appointments with the aforementioned special within 7 business days, and additionally to the following non-telehealth practitioners: optometrist, health coach, massage therapist, PT, physio/ physical rehab, home phlebotomy, and home IV service. This is charged at USD$20K per calendar year. Specialist and practitioner fees, medications, IVs, supplements and devices are extra.

* This is an opinion and depending on where you are and where the specialist is registered, may not necessarily translate into actionable intervention.

Unless you are a current concierge patient, any blood or imaging done through Dr. Olivia Lesslar have NO MEDICARE REBATE. 

Unless you are a current concierge patient, Dr. Olivia Lesslar does not write referrals to medical specialists or prescribe pharmaceutical medications. She is very happy to provide your doctor with suggestions and rationales of medications to prescribe in your particular circumstance


Australia: Dr Olivia Lesslar sees patients of Prof Pete Smith and Prof Charlie Teo as part of their commitment to treating the patient as a whole. You can make an appointment through Cingulum Health.

USA: For concierge services, please contact LifeSpan Medicine directly.

​UK: Dr. Olivia Lesslar practices through Wellgevity in London.

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